Dad Gets a Beautiful 1964 Chevy Nova As A Gift From His Daughter!

Take a look at this, the best surprise ever as dad gets a bad 1964 Nova as a present from his daughter!!!

Now we know that it is kind of a cliché to repeat the mushy and gooey stuff about how much our parents have sacrificed for us, but fact is that nearly of them lived their adult life keeping their kids in the number one spot, so when we get a story like this when somebody decides to give some back to their folks, well we get excited.

This time MP gets a real surprise, and boy does his surprise look good.

The fun part is that they give him a backstory of how the son in law is car-sitting for a buddy that is deployed, and he falls for it and starts checking it out, and saying how great this 1964 Nova is, but then they give him the good news, and understandingly, the guy is left speechless.

So congratulations to the lucky dad and may he enjoy that awesome car for a long time. //Youtube/DBL-D Garage

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