Original 1968 Pontiac Firebird Was Owned by a Nun – Still In a Tip-Top Shape

You don’t necessarily expect to see a nun driving a Pontiac Firebird, but according to the owner of this 1968 model, that is exactly the case of this allegedly original example they’re now trying to sell online.

The Firebird has always been parked in a garage, though the last registration dates back to 2006.

This car I purchased from the original owner after she passed away. This was an estate sale. The last service work paperwork found in the car was a local shop tune up & valve cover gaskets. This car was always maintained by the local new car dealer here in Bristol,” the seller explains.

Owned by a nun, this Firebird seems to be in pretty good shape inside as well, and the back seat has never been used. That is because the original owner lived alone and barely traveled with someone else in the car—it’s why the car looks so good even after all these years.

The original 350 V8 engine paired with a 3-speed manual transmission is still in the car, and everything is working just like you’d expect it to work. It starts every time, and all parts inside are in working condition, though the original radio is currently in the trunk.

As for the mileage, the odometer indicates 83,000 miles (133,000 km), and of course, they’re all believed to be original.

As you can see by simply browsing the gallery in our article, the car comes in a pretty good shape, it’s all thanks to the original owner always babying it as much as possible.

Source: eBay seller affmarine

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