The 8-Year Labor of Love: A Restored ’56 Chevrolet Nomad with 300 HP and A/C

The 1956 Chevrolet Nomad was a two-door station wagon based on the Chevrolet Bel Air. It was available with a variety of inline six and V8 engines, and could be had with either a manual or automatic transmission. The Nomad featured a unique, stylish design that set it apart from other station wagons of the time, and it has become a highly sought-after collector’s item. In addition to its standard features, the Nomad was also available with a variety of optional equipment, such as power windows, a power seat, and air conditioning.

Can you imagine someone managing to crowd one of the 7,886 copies of the Nomad that Chevrolet produced in 1956.. To complete this Nomad, which began with a “rust-free” car originally out of Arizona, took around eight years.

The 1956 Chevrolet Nomad had undergone a total transformation into this gleaming teal restomod, got a full powertrain upgrade and a deep current of pure luxury running through its customized passenger cabin. 

POWERTRAIN – The engine of the car is the Generation II small-block V-8 that was first introduced in the 1992 Corvette. 

Designated LT1, the engine in this vehicle is Corvette-sourced, which means it used four-bolt main bearing caps and was fed via multiport electronic fuel injection. With a compression ratio of 10.5:1, this generation of the LT1 was rated by the manufacturer at 300 horsepower.

The Nomad’s engine has been augmented with dual electric cooling fans and a custom air intake. According to the seller it starts immediately and runs perfectly. The 4L60-E automatic transmission also has Corvette origins and is said to shift without issues. No leaks from the powertrain are reported. The engine bay presents cleanly.

EXTERIOR – The current Nomads whole outside was “shaved” during its customization in order to eliminate its entryway handles, mirrors, receiving wire, and the vast majority of the badging.

They repainted the body subsequent to being stripped to exposed metal with no body filler utilized. 

The paint is depicted as being in new condition without twirls and body flaws are supposed to be restricted to a solitary scratch on the correct quarter board. The merchant states that minor rust was remedied by welding in new sheet metal, adding that the vehicle is presently consumption free. 

The entryways are worked by electric locks with double controllers. The body-painted guards are uniquely designed with no noticeable bolt openings. Wiring is hidden in the custom entryway pivots. The Nomad’s seals and weatherstripping are completely new. Also the dim colored glass and the outside lighting are all new,  which has been changed over to LEDs. The underside of the Nomad presents as practically immaculate.

INTERIOR – The passengers cabin of the Nomad is comprehensively customized, the dashboard incorporates a full Dakota Digital instrument cluster that illuminates in deep blue at night.

 A custom console with carbon fiber accents boasts a new Atoto entertainment center featuring Bluetooth, Pandora and Google Maps capability, along with two integrated backup cameras with dual monitors. 

The heated front leather seats are Cadillac sourced with power adjustments and lumbar supports. The remaining seats and interior facings, including the custom headliner, are cut from Austrian leather. Cut-pile carpeting is on the floor. This is described as being in new condition. 

It’s said that none of the interior trims are missing. The custom interior structures have double stitching in white. The aftermarket Vintage Air system is functional, but the heater is not. The cargo area is carpeted and appears to be pristine.

CHASSIS – The vehicle rides on aluminum suspension components sourced from a fourth-generation Corvette, upgraded with an Airtekk air-ride system, whose dual tanks and compressors are controlled from a custom overhead console, and whose pump can also be used for tire inflation. 

The suspension components are reported to be in good condition. The tilt-telescope power rack-and-pinion steering is described as leak-free. There are no issues reported with the Corvette disc brakes, which have new pads and rotors. The 2019 Corvette wheels are said to be flaw-free, and mount Michelin Pilot Super Sport run-flat radials.

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