High School Kids Do Ford F-350 Vs. 454 Chevy Truck Race

’94 Ford F-350 with stock 460 Big Block puts a Built 454 Chevy to shame!

We are aware that you follow the events and you watch the various videos on this topic, but the time you spent watching this will not be lost, just because in front of you it is a great video that you will like it. And we are pretty sure that you don’t want to miss something like this.

First thing that you should know about this video is that it is recorded and prepared by children from high school. And we all know that teenagers have tremendous ideas in those years that may be really interesting, crazy and full of adrenaline. So, that because don’t miss this, believe me you will enjoy in it.

From the other side models and type of cars – truck that they use it are pretty strong. It is about a mid – 90’s Ford F – 350 which is powered by a stock 460 BIG BLOCK and its opponent is Chevrolet truck. This Chevy is powered by a built 454 cubic – inch power plant.

The video starts same like any other but this event doesn’t finish so fast and ordinary. We can see from the beginning and the start who will win. When tires creaked, appears smoke, throttle is increase and the black one moves into action. Pulling and tugging, the other doesn’t surrender. Everything indicates who will win, but is that completely sure, we will leave you to see with your own eyes.

Source: Youtube/OfficialSeabeckBoys

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