1600HP Dodge Challenger That Rules the Dyno, a Sound to Remember Even At Idle

A ancient muscle car that has been adored by fans for ages is the Dodge Challenger. The Dodge Challenger in question is not your typical muscle car, though. This Challenger is a real beast on the dyno with 1600 horsepower. With its loud and scary exhaust noise, the car is noticeable even when it is at a standstill. It’s very different, though, when the throttle is opened and the car is given the chance to release all of its power.

Have you ever wondered what 1600 horsepower looks and sounds like? If you have, then look no further because we’re able to get the pure essence of every last pony offered up by this Dodge Challenger featured in this beautiful dyno video.

However, the 1600HP Dodge Challenger offers more than simply pure power. With its specialized suspension, brakes, aerodynamic body package, and high-performance wheels and tires, the car is also a technical marvel. Together, these parts result in a car that is not only quick, but also drives incredibly well.

The Mopar was connected to an Australian dyno by these mechanics. Even at idle, the car simply sounds amazing. It’s a completely other situation when they really rip on it since the car puts down massive numbers.

This is the epitome of a muscle car, complete with a large engine, large tires, and a loud exhaust. You must have the volume on up for this one because the sound he makes when he stabs the throttle is incredible.

Check out the video below as the Dodge looks like it’s nearly ready to pull itself up off of the dyno! This speed freak is really one that you need to witness for yourself!

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