1600HP Dodge Challenger Dyno Run – The Car Just Sounds Impressive, Even At Idle

Healthy Dodge Challanger Run!

Have you ever wondered what 1600 horsepower looks and sounds like? If you have, then look no further because we’re able to get the pure essence of every last pony offered up by this Dodge Challenger featured in this insane dyno video.

When these mechanics hooked the Mopar up to an Australian dyno. The car just sounds mean, even at idle. When they rip on it, it’s a whole different story as the car lays down big numbers.

When it comes to muscle cars this is the prime definition, big motor, big tires and a loud exhaust. When he stabs the throttle the sound is amazing, you gotta have the volume turned up for this one.

Check out the video below as the Dodge looks like it’s nearly ready to pull itself up off of the dyno! This speed freak is really one that you need to witness for yourself!

Source: Youtube/North Coast Moto Classic’s

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