A Timeless Beauty with Modern Day Power: 1966 Super Sport 427 Chevrolet Impala Cruiser

The ScottieDTV Kavalcade of Kool recently featured the 1966 Impala, a vintage gem in the realm of cars. The 1966 Impala stood out among the best and most distinctive automobiles on display at this exhibition. Big Oak Garage, renowned for their superb expertise in restoring and manufacturing old cars, built a stunning Impala.

The 1966 Impala’s impressive posture is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. The automobile has an aggressive appearance because of how low it sits to the ground. Its suspension and posture, which were designed with careful consideration to every detail, are what genuinely distinguish it from other historic automobiles. The posture of the automobile not only improves aesthetics but also considerably improves handling and stability when driving.

Built by Big Oak Garage, this Classic Car includes modernized suspension parts, including aftermarket front control arms by Ridetech and a narrower 12 bolt rear end to suit the 20-inch wheels.

Although the body was straightened and painted beautifully, it was preserved extremely near to stock. For a little bit more power, the original 396 motor was swapped out for a 427.

In this video you can see the look of the interior of the vehicle and also what is under the hood of this beauty. Enjoy watching:

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