Mysterious 1969 Pontiac GTO Shines Like New – Interior&Exterior Come In Very Good Shape

Everybody knows 1969 was a pretty big year for the GTO, and the debut of the Judge is, for many people out there, the most notable moment of the entire series.

And while the Judge is indeed a very sought-after GTO, finding one isn’t necessarily easy. Pontiac produced only a little over 6,700 Judges in hardtop configuration, while the convertibles were incredibly rare with just 108 units.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the GTOs that went live in 1969 were less appealing.

Pontiac built close to 72,300 units (Judge included) this year, and over 58,000 GTOs were born as a hardtop.

Of course, this is just an assumption based on its looks, but it could very well be an unmolested GTO that has been beautifully preserved throughout all these years.

With just 75,000 miles (120,700 km) on the clock, the 400 engine under the hood may have never been rebuilt. But of course, we have no clue if it’s still the original unit or the numbers are matching.

Both the interior and the exterior on this GTO come in very good shape, and at a quick inspection, all the parts seem to be there.

Source: eBay by seller lope-chry

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