Double Parked C6 Corvette Owner Gets Schooled by Jeep Driver

Jeep Driver Takes Care of Double Parked CORVETTE

I really hate seeing Corvettes parked like this, especially when they are right up front near the establishment instead of somewhere safer like the back of the lot. It reflects badly on Corvette owners and taking up two spaces just asks for people to mess with you like this Grand Sport owner found out.

The picture and a video of the Corvette owner’s reaction as he came out to find a Jeep parked on the curb next to him was posted to Reddit r/pics today by AnotherCJMajor who was the owner of the white jeep.

After a long drive in New Jersey traffic, he pulls into a “semi-busy” restaurant and finds a white C6 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe taking up two spaces right next to the building. As a Jeep owner, the ground doesn’t necessarily need to be flat to park on it and so he pulled right up on the curb next to the Corvette and then waited for the reaction as the Corvette owner returned to his car.


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