The Power-Packed GTO: The 1964 model-year GTO, Hides a Famous Engine Under the Hood

A legend in the automobile industry, the 1964 GTO is renowned for its brash appearance, potent V8 engine, and athletic temperament. But this particular GTO coupe isn’t just another GTO from the same model year. Under its hood, it conceals a renowned engine that is guaranteed to draw attention.

The GTO initially appears to be just another classic muscle vehicle thanks to its chromed components and beautiful finishing, but the twin double side exhaust and two hood scoops give away the GTO’s unique engine. With front bucket seats and a back bench, the interior’s dark blue vinyl upholstery is inconspicuous. The aluminum dashboard is home to a Vintage Air temperature control and a push-button Delco radio, both of which are unremarkable.

But the magic happens in the engine compartment. The owner has installed a 421 cid V8 powered by three Rochester carburetors to replace the original engine. Although the precise power output isn’t stated, comparable constructions have generated around 473 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. A four-speed manual gearbox is used to transfer all of this power to the rear wheels.

This 1964 GTO coupe is the epitome of why vintage muscle cars are so unique. It combines traditional style with aggressive styling and powerful engine technology to create a classic coupe that can compete with the best of them.

It is evident from the GTO’s Ohio title, which states “Exceeds Mechanical Limits,” that this classic muscle vehicle is not your typical GTO. It’s a true underdog that can hold its own on the drag strip.

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