1974 Chevy Nova SS Diesel Receives a Special Dodge Dually Makeover!

This must be the only 1974 Nova SS that is diesel powered, but that’s just the beginning of the story. This car has the running gear of a 3500 Dodge Dually diesel 4×4 including the dual rear wheels and tires.

Making a muscle car into a four wheel drive has been an ongoing thing for years, but not to the extreme that this SS exhibits. This build was completed from the ground up pairing this classic ’74 Nova SS body with a heavy duty Dodge Dually frame and the complete drivetrain.

This car has been completely transformed into a Dodge Truck right down to the wheels and tires that includes six of them. The Cummins powered Chevy Nova appears to be in excellent condition and some muscle car enthusiasts will definitely say; what was this guy thinking ??

Overall, they did a fantastic job making this very unusual combination work. What they started with for sure is not known, but most likely it wasn’t feasible to restore the Chevy Nova SS to its original state and some very creative folks came up with this idea. Only the people behind this unique build will ever know the true and complete story. Enjoy the video!

Source: Youtube/ScottieDTV

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