From Scrapyard to Street: ’67 Dodge Dart 650+HP, Two Step and a 6 Speed Manual

In the world of classic muscle cars, few names command as much respect as Mopar. And when it comes to Mopar, one of the most iconic models of all time is the Dodge Dart. Dustin Smith is a young man who has amazed me with his attitude to this Mopar and his goals for it. He’s made a giant driver out of the A-body he recovered from the scrapyard.

The transformation began with a rusted-out 1971 Dodge Dart that had been sitting in a junkyard for years. The owner knew that with some TLC and some serious upgrades, this car could be turned into a beast on the streets. And so the restoration process began.

The first step was to replace the old, tired engine with something much more powerful. And what could be more powerful than a Hemi? But not just any Hemi would do. This one was turbocharged for maximum performance, pushing the engine to well over 650 horsepower.

To harness all that power, the car was also equipped with a two-step rev limiter and a six-speed manual transmission. This allowed the driver to take full control of the car’s acceleration and shifting, ensuring that every ounce of power was put to good use.

But the upgrades didn’t stop there. The car was also fitted with a custom suspension system, new brakes, and a roll cage for safety. And to top it all off, the exterior was given a fresh coat of paint and a set of slick racing stripes.

The end result is a car that’s as beautiful as it is powerful. The Dodge Dart’s classic lines have been preserved, but with a modern twist that makes it truly unique. And when you hear that turbocharged Hemi come to life, you know that this is a car that means business.

But perhaps the best part of this story is that this Dodge Dart isn’t just a showpiece. It’s a daily driver, meant to be taken out on the roads and enjoyed. It’s a reminder that sometimes the best cars are the ones that have been saved from the scrapyard and given new life by passionate enthusiasts.

Sometimes, simple and clean really is the best way to go. With all types of aftermarket parts available now, “restomodding” is getting way easier – and turns old school muscle into perfect daily drivers. Much like Dustin Smith’s ‘67 Dodge Dart: saved from the scrapyard, and turned into the 650+ hp turbo fun machine in front of us today” added the video owner from Youtube/Larry Chen.

Watch the video and tell us your opinion about the car?!

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