What About 24 Cylinders and 12 Superchargers Straight Into a Semi Truck!

Have you ever heard the sound of 24 Valve Detroit Diesel ?? It might be the most beautiful sound in the whole world. This is going to go into a custom built 359 Peterbilt that can handle an engine of this size.

This massive V24-71 Detroit Diesel is hands down one of the biggest truck engines ever built, featuring 24-cylinders and 12 superchargers.

This big machinery produces an enormous power over 3,000hp and uses 12-871 blowers. The truck is e quipped with an Allison transmission inside of a custom 359 Peterbilt truck and has 40 foot long custom chassis keeping it together.

We also learned the owner of this scary machine wants to spray some nitrous to produce more power. Well, for some people enough is not enough!!!

”This is our 24 cylinder Detroit that we are putting in a custom 359 Peterbilt. It will use an Allison Transmission, and the engine will be in the front of the truck. We are starting off with 40 foot 4″ X 14″ rectangle rails, not sure how long it will end up being.”

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