Will Tony & Ziva from NCIS Be Filming in Budapest? Here’s What We Know!

Exciting developments are underway for fans of the hit series “NCIS,” with the eagerly anticipated return of Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David in the upcoming spinoff titled “NCIS: Tony & Ziva.” Produced by Paramount and Eye Productions Inc.

The series is rumored to commence filming in Budapest, Hungary, starting July 2024. Heading the production team are esteemed industry professionals such as producers Laurie Lieser, Christina Strain, and Shelley Meals, with John McNamara serving as both writer and producer. Mairzee Almas will direct the series, with Donald Munro and Audrey Hellmer overseeing production management.

Reprising their iconic roles are Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo and Cote de Pablo as Ziva David. The storyline follows the duo as they navigate life on the run across Europe following an attack on Tony’s security firm. Amidst danger and intrigue, they must uncover the identity of their assailants while rebuilding trust to secure a future for their family.


The story unfolds after Ziva’s dramatic return and her reunion with Tony and their daughter, Tali, in Paris. This spinoff promises a mix of action, drama, and the magnetic chemistry that endeared the characters to fans of the original “NCIS” series.

Backed by CBS Studios and Paramount Global Content, “NCIS: Tony & Ziva” guarantees high production standards and amazing  storytelling. Audiences can anticipate a fresh perspective on beloved characters as they embark on a thrilling European adventure.

With its talented cast, experienced production team, and a captivating storyline, “NCIS: Tony & Ziva” is believed to captivate audiences anew, promising an exhilarating continuation of the legacy that has made “NCIS” a household name in television.