What Early Roles Do the “Blue Bloods” Actors Want You to Forget?

The CBS series “Blue Bloods” has captivated audiences with its blend of criminal investigation and family drama, centered around a close-knit Irish-Catholic law enforcement family in New York City. At its heart are the Reagans: patriarch Frank (Tom Selleck) and his children—NYPD detective Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), assistant district attorney Erin (Bridget Moynahan), and officer Jamie (Will Estes)—who navigate the complexities of their professions while gathering for family dinners each Sunday.

These talented actors bring depth and charisma to their roles, with quite a lot of years of experience in both film and television. However, every career has its highs and lows, and the early careers of these actors are no exception. From forgettable flops to unexpected roles, let’s explore some of the less illustrious moments in their cinematic journeys.

Donnie Wahlberg – “Bullfighter” – Donnie Wahlberg’s journey to acclaim as Danny Reagan in “Blue Bloods” involved diverse roles, including a notable turn in “The Sixth Sense.” However, Wahlberg’s career also saw its share of obscure entries, such as “Bullfighter” (2005), a mystical western-adventure featuring a brooding Olivier Martinez and a pregnant Michelle Forbes. Laden with religious symbolism and eclectic characters, Wahlberg’s portrayal adds grit to an otherwise convoluted narrative.

Bridget Moynahan – “Whipped” – Bridget Moynahan’s portrayal of Erin Reagan showcases her evolution from early roles like her debut in “Coyote Ugly” to more substantial characters in films like “I, Robot” and the “John Wick” series. Yet, her role in “Whipped,” a lesser-known comedy, stands as a reminder of less nuanced performances early in her career.

Tom Selleck – “Daughters of Satan” – Before Tom Selleck became an Emmy Award-winning icon through series like “Magnum, P.I.” and “Blue Bloods,” he endured his share of cinematic missteps. One such stumble was the 1972 horror film “Daughters of Satan,” where Selleck plays James Robertson, an art dealer entangled in a supernatural web of witches and ancestral vengeance. Despite the film’s low-budget charms and exploitative themes, Selleck’s earnest portrayal stands out amidst the genre trappings.

Will Estes – “Once Upon a Forest” – Long before portraying Jamie Reagan, Will Estes voiced the character Willy in the animated feature “Once Upon a Forest” (1993). Produced by Hanna-Barbera, the film tells a saccharine tale of woodland creatures grappling with environmental themes. Despite a cast including Broadway veterans and Elisabeth Moss, the film failed to resonate, overshadowed by competing blockbusters. Estes’ role as Willy, though heartfelt, remains a footnote in his career.

As it looks like, while “Blue Bloods” celebrates the talent of its cast, their early missteps serve as proof to their growth and resilience in an unpredictable industry. These roles, often overshadowed by their later successes, provide a fascinating glimpse into the diverse journeys of Hollywood careers.

By shining a light on these forgotten chapters, we get a deeper appreciation for the dedication that defines the actors behind our favorite television characters.