Shantel VanSanten and Victor Webster Finalize Divorce, Including Custody Arrangement for their Pets

Shantel VanSanten, known for her roles in “One Tree Hill,” “The Boys,” and “FBI,” along with Victor Webster from Hallmark Channel’s movies, have recently concluded their divorce proceedings, as detailed in court documents.

The couple, who met on the set of Hallmark’s “Love Blossoms” in 2017 and got engaged in February 2021, finalized their split with a mediated settlement that includes arrangements for their beloved pets. Webster will retain custody of their dog, Nova, while VanSanten will have extended visitation rights. However, when Nova stays with VanSanten for longer than three weeks, she is obligated to provide updates on the dog’s whereabouts. Failure to return Nova within the specified time frame incurs a substantial late fee of $10,000 per day payable to Webster.

Their cats, Finnegan and Phillippa, are now under the care of Webster’s brother, Vince, as part of their pet custody arrangement.

Financially, the couple agreed on the sale of their Los Angeles home, with VanSanten compensating Webster $25,000 to equalize their split. Notably, neither party will receive spousal support following their divorce settlement.

Reflecting on their whirlwind romance, VanSanten and Webster tied the knot in multiple ceremonies in 2021, starting with a heartfelt ceremony in August followed by celebrations in Napa, California, and VanSanten’s Minnesota hometown. However, their union ultimately faced irreconcilable differences, leading Webster to file for divorce in April 2023, citing a separation date of January 10, 2023.

VanSanten later responded with her own petition for the dissolution of marriage, also citing irreconcilable differences and agreeing with Webster’s stated separation date.

Their journey from engagement to marriage and ultimately to divorce highlights the complexities of relationships in the public eye, marked by both joyous milestones and challenging decisions.

As VanSanten and Webster embark on separate paths, their shared love for their pets highlights a commitment to ensuring their well-being despite life’s changes.