Kelly Reilly Reflects on Beth Dutton’s Fate as the “Yellowstone” Finale Nears

Kelly Reilly, the actress behind the formidable Beth Dutton in “Yellowstone,” recently shared her thoughts on the show’s impending conclusion and her character’s fate. In an interview with TV Line, Reilly reflected on the long-anticipated ending of the series, revealing that she has known the ultimate direction of the show for several years. “I know the ending of the show, which I’ve known for six years,” she disclosed, emphasizing the cast and crew awareness of the series’ finale as they prepare to film it this summer.

While the  conclusion of “Yellowstone” is clear to Reilly, the fate of her character Beth remains a mystery, one that she is eagerly awaiting. “But not the ending for her specifically,” Reilly admitted, hinting at the uncertainties surrounding Beth’s personal journey within the storyline.

Throughout its run, “Yellowstone” has showcased Beth’s turbulent life within the Dutton family, marked by intense relationships and simmering conflicts. Reilly expressed her desire for Beth to find peace as the series is approaching the finale, acknowledging the character’s history and emotional turmoil. “What would I hope for her? Peace, I think,” she remarked, underscoring Beth’s enduring struggle for stability amidst familial tensions and personal challenges.

Despite Beth’s resilience and fierce determination, Reilly acknowledged the complexities of finding happiness in the harsh world of “Yellowstone.” “Peace requires some digging and some surrender and letting go of old pains and hurts,” she noted, reflecting on Beth’s journey towards personal fulfillment.

Looking ahead to the show’s final chapters, Reilly expressed optimism for Beth’s future, hopeful that the character might finally achieve the contentment she has long searched for. “I certainly believe that she can find that,” Reilly affirmed, while acknowledging the uncertain nature of happiness in the Duttons’ turbulent universe.

As “Yellowstone” prepares to wrap up its storyline, fans are left to speculate about Beth’s ultimate fate. Reilly, echoing the hopes of many viewers, expressed a desire for a satisfying conclusion for her character, one that might involve unexpected happiness amidst the series’ not so happy narrative. “Here’s hoping the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, has a heart and helps Beth get the ending she deserves,” Reilly remarked, teasing possibilities for Beth’s future that resonate with the audience’s desire for closure and redemption.

With “Yellowstone” Season 5, Part 2 set to premiere on November 10, anticipation is high for how Beth Dutton’s journey will ultimately unfold. As Reilly contemplates the series’ ending, her insights offer a glimpse into the emotional depth and complexity that has defined Beth’s character throughout the show’s gripping narrative.