Vanessa Ray of Blue Bloods: Famous for Her Hilarious On-Set Antics!

“Blue Bloods” proudly embraces its dual themes of family and service, anchored by Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) and spanning three generations of law enforcement. Alongside Frank are his father, former commissioner Henry (Len Cariou), and his children: Detective Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), Sergeant Jamie (Will Estes), and Assistant District Attorney Erin, the family’s legal powerhouse.

In Season 9, the Reagan clan expanded with Jamie’s marriage to Officer Eddie Janko (played by Vanessa Ray). Initially they refused to acknowledge their chemistry for professionalism’s sake when they first met in Season 4,but than Ray finds strength in their shared career paths, noting, “I love that they see the world differently and challenge each other to be better, do better, and go farther,” as she shared with Nerds of Color.

While Janko is characterized as a no-nonsense cop, Ray herself injects plenty of humor into “Blue Bloods.” Her on-set reputation for being funny is well-earned, especially during the iconic family dinner scenes that viewers adore. These scenes are demanding for the actors, requiring five to eight hours of filming per session as they navigate their character dynamics and dialogue, often while having plates of untouched food on their table.

Acknowledging the challenges of these extended shoots, Ray confesses to occasional bursts of laughter, particularly around the second hour mark. “I don’t want to name names,” she quips via TV Insider, “but historically there is a certain end of the table that gets the church giggles… I may or may not be on that end of the table (I’m absolutely on that end of the table).”

Ray’s co-star, Will Estes, also jokes while hinting at shared moments of amusement that occasionally disrupt filming. “Vanessa and I laugh all day long together,” Estes admits. “We’ve gotten in trouble for it… Vanessa can jest right up until ‘action!’ And I have to beg mercy for a few moments to compose myself before we roll.” Despite these challenges, both actors emphasize their commitment to delivering focused performances, even amidst the occasional laughter that punctuates their scenes.

This leaves us to understand that behind the polished facade of “Blue Bloods” lies a familial humorous environment that extends beyond the scripted drama, enriched by moments of genuine humor and connection among its talented cast.