Clarifying ‘FBI’ Star Missy Peregrym’s Future: Zeeko Zaki Sets the Record Straight

The sixth season of CBS’s hit series, ‘FBI’, left fans on the edge of their seats with speculations swirling around the fate of one of its beloved characters, Special Agent Maggie Bell, portrayed by Missy Peregrym. The season finale intensified these concerns as Maggie narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation, prompting discussions about potential exits from the show.

Recent developments and ambiguous plot twists fueled rumors, leading viewers to question if Missy Peregrym’s character might be bidding farewell to ‘FBI’ in its upcoming seventh season. However, Zeeko Zaki, who portrays Special Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan, has stepped forward to provide much-needed clarity on the matter.

In a recent interview with The Wrap, Zaki addressed the speculation head-on, affirming that Missy Peregrym’s departure from the series is not in the cards. He expressed relief that Maggie Bell’s character is taking a temporary hiatus on-screen, emphasizing the importance of character balance and well-being within the narrative.

“I know OA has been worried about Maggie, so is he happy that she’s taking some time off?” The Wrap inquired.

Zeeko Zaki responded emphatically, echoing his concern for Peregrym’s character’s well-being and hinting at the significance of maintaining character integrity amidst intense storylines. “He feels the same way that Zeeko feels about Missy getting some time off. It’s so earned, to me, showing that these characters can have some sort of balance and don’t want each other to burn out or to break.”

Addressing the persistent rumors about Peregrym’s potential exit from the show, Zaki provided reassurance to fans eagerly awaiting the next season. “That is not happening,” he confirmed while adding, “But I think all press is good press. It’s nice to see that people are that dialed in on the show. But no, she will be back. And I hope it’s not a spoiler, but she will be back in the finale, which is really exciting.”

Furthermore, Zaki humorously debunked any notions of his own departure from the series, asserting, “Never. I want to be in every episode.”

As ‘FBI’ enthusiasts anticipate the seventh season and the return of Missy Peregrym’s character, Zeeko Zaki’s remarks provide a welcome assurance amid swirling uncertainties. The dynamic between OA and Maggie promises to continue captivating audiences, ensuring that the upcoming season remains a must-watch for fans and critics alike.

The seventh season of ‘FBI’ holds the promise of resolving lingering questions while delving deeper into the complexities of its characters, reaffirming its status as a cornerstone of CBS’s primetime lineup.