Anthony Abetemarco: A Trusted Figure in “Blue Bloods”

“Blue Bloods,” the beloved CBS series revolving around the Reagan family’s dedication to justice, has gathered a devoted fan base over its long run. While the Reagan family members often take center stage, the show also turns the spotlight on other compelling characters, including here Detective Anthony Abetemarco, portrayed by Steve Schirripa.

Abetemarco isn’t just a recurring character; he’s also a trusted ally of Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and a significant figure in the series’ narrative. Transitioning from a detective’s role to working as an investigator for the DA’s office, Anthony brings a unique perspective and skill set to the Reagan family’s endeavors.

Steve Schirripa’s portrayal of Anthony has been a mainstay since he joined the series in 2015, marking his debut in Season 6, Episode 9. Over the years, Schirripa has appeared in every  season, amassing an impressive 130 episodes by the end of Season 13. His character’s longevity and rapport with the Reagan family have endeared him to fans who have come to rely on Anthony’s unwavering loyalty and expertise.

As “Blue Bloods” approaches its conclusion with Season 14, scheduled to premiere on February 16, viewers are understandably eager to see how the show will bid farewell to its beloved characters. While CBS has confirmed the return of major cast members such as Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck, there has been speculation and concern among fans regarding the fate of recurring characters like Anthony Abetemarco.

Official announcements from CBS have made specific mentions of Schirripa and other recurring actors, leading to uncertainty about their roles in the final season. However, it’s not uncommon for promotional materials to focus primarily on main cast members rather than recurring characters. This does not necessarily indicate that Anthony’s journey with the Reagan family is coming to an end.

For fans of “Blue Bloods,” the hope remains strong for one last adventure alongside Anthony Abetemarco before the series ends. As viewers prepare to bid farewell to this iconic show, they cherish the moments shared with characters like Anthony, whose contributions have made the “Blue Bloods” universe more warm and left an indelible mark on its legacy.

In the world of “Blue Bloods,” where family and justice intersect, Anthony Abetemarco stands as a testament to loyalty, integrity, and the enduring spirit of collaboration. As the countdown to Season 14 begins, fans eagerly anticipate the resolution of Anthony’s story and the culmination of an unforgettable journey with the Reagan family.