Who’s Joining “Chicago Fire” and What Are Fans Saying About It?

Popular Hallmark actress Jocelyn Hudon has recently made waves in the television industry by landing a series regular role on NBC’s acclaimed drama “Chicago Fire.” Previously known for her work in Hallmark movies, Hudon’s ascent to series regular status marks a significant career milestone for her.

Hudon’s journey to becoming a regular on “Chicago Fire ” began with a guest role as Lyla Novak, a new paramedic at Firehouse 51. Her character, introduced in April 2024, quickly garnered attention and positive feedback, opening the way for her promotion to a series regular just two months later. This promotion comes as part of a large cast reshuffle on the show, following  here the departure of several main characters, including Kara Killmer and Matt Casey, whose characters bid farewell to Chicago for a new chapter in Portland.

The transition from a recurring role to series regular not only allows Hudon’s talent to be shown but also reflects the show’s commitment to refreshing its ensemble with dynamic new characters. Hudon’s portrayal of Lyla Novak, alongside co-star Hanako Greensmith as Violet, promises to bring fresh energy and new  storytelling to the upcoming 13th season of “Chicago Fire.”

Beyond her newfound success on “Chicago Fire,” Hudon continues to maintain a strong presence in the Hallmark universe, where she has established herself with starring roles in beloved romantic movies. Her love and dedication to both Hallmark and now primetime television is a clear show of her ability to connect with audiences across different genres and platforms.

Apart from her professional achievements, Hudon shares a special personal connection to Hallmark through her marriage to Jake Manley, another prominent figure in the network’s lineup. Their real-life romance adds an extra layer of charm to Hudon’s career, making her not only a fan favorite on screen but also a relatable figure off screen.

As Hudon prepares to immerse herself fully into the world of “Chicago Fire” as Lyla Novak, fans can anticipate seeing more of her breathtaking performances and the evolving dynamics of Firehouse 51. Her journey from Hallmark sweetheart to primetime regular is a praise to her talent, dedication, and ability to seize opportunities in the competitive landscape of television entertainment.

With each new episode, Jocelyn Hudon’s presence on “Chicago Fire” promises to enrich the show’s narrative and keep the audience on their toes with her compelling portrayal of Lyla Novak, solidifying her status as a rising star in the television industry.