Returning to the Ranch: Yellowstone Cast Shares Excitement for Final Season

Production for the highly anticipated final episodes of Yellowstone is well underway in Montana, and despite the absence of Kevin Costner’s iconic character, John Dutton, the cast has eagerly reunited on the picturesque landscapes that define the Dutton family ranch.

Since filming commenced on May 20, cast members such as Cole Hauser, Ryan Bingham, and Jen Landon have been treating fans to glimpses of their return to Montana through social media posts. Cole Hauser, known for his role as the rugged Rip Wheeler, set the tone with a photo capturing a rainbow arcing over the mountainous terrain. “Good morning #montana I’ve missed ya old friend! If you are going to rise, you might as well shine,” Hauser shared, reflecting the sentiment of returning to familiar ground.

Ryan Bingham, who portrays Walker, another key figure in the Yellowstone saga, has also been active on social media, sharing moments from behind the scenes. His posts included scenic drives through rural Montana and selfies with co-star Jen Landon, who plays the spirited Teeter.

Speaking of her return, Jen Landon posted a cheerful selfie with Bingham, captioning it “Summer Roadtrip ✨,” capturing the excitement among the cast members as they gear up for the final stretch of filming. Landon also played a pivotal role in announcing the premiere date of the last episodes, scheduled for Sunday, November 10, urging fans to prepare for an exhilarating conclusion to the series.

Ian Bohen, who portrays Ryan, has also been active on social media, teasing fans with clips showcasing the western flair and action-packed scenes that await in Yellowstone’s final installment. His posts, coupled with the cast’s infectious enthusiasm, have created a buzz among followers eagerly awaiting the show’s return.

Before production officially began, Cole Hauser expressed his eagerness to reunite with his fellow castmates after an extended hiatus. “It’s been a year and a half. I’m excited to see my castmates,” Hauser shared in an interview with PEOPLE. He specifically mentioned his anticipation to work alongside Kelly Riley, who portrays his on-screen wife, Beth Dutton, emphasizing the camaraderie and dedication the cast shares for the show.

As Yellowstone prepares to conclude its saga, the cast’s return to Montana signifies more than just the filming of a television series; it symbolizes a reunion of a tight-knit community dedicated to bringing the Dutton family’s story to life. With each social media post and behind-the-scenes glimpse, the cast members of Yellowstone continue to stoke excitement and anticipation for what promises to be an unforgettable conclusion to one of television’s most beloved dramas.

As fans eagerly await the November premiere, the cast’s shared enthusiasm and commitment to their craft ensure that the legacy of Yellowstone will endure long after the final credits roll.