Eva-Jane Willis: How It Felt Auditioning for ‘FBI International’ on Her Wedding Night

Eva-Jane Willis, known for her role as Smitty in the hit series ‘FBI: International,’ recently shared an intriguing glimpse into her journey to the small screen, including a memorable audition experience that coincided with her wedding day.

The talented actress opened up about how the role of Smitty came unexpectedly, shortly after she exchanged vows. “It was quite surreal,” she remarked, reflecting on the timing of the audition. Despite the whirlwind of emotions and activities surrounding her wedding, Willis found herself preparing for an importantl audition, demonstrating her commitment to her craft amidst life’s significant milestones.

Discussing the challenges actors faced during the pandemic, Willis acknowledged the industry’s difficulties in maintaining stability and securing roles. “COVID hit the industry hard,” she noted.

For Willis, the opportunity to audition for ‘FBI: International’ amidst such hard times was like a blessing.

When asked about her decision to attend the audition immediately after her wedding ceremony, Willis shared her passion for the show, its cast, and the city where it is filmed. Her commitment to seizing opportunities in both her personal and professional life reflects a determined spirit and a deep love for her job.

‘FBI: International’ has garnered attention for its gripping storylines and international settings, providing Willis with a platform to showcase her talent on a global stage. Her portrayal of Smitty has resonated with audiences, contributing to the show’s success.

Looking ahead, Eva-Jane Willis remains focused on her career aspirations while cherishing the memories of past auditions including the unforgettable experience of auditioning for ‘FBI: International’ on the night of her wedding. 

As ‘FBI: International’ continues to captivate viewers worldwide, Eva-Jane Willis stands poised at the intersection of talent and opportunity, embodying the spirit of resilience and passion that defines her love for the career she has chosen.

 Her story inspires actors and fans, showcasing the transformative power of following one’s dreams despite life’s unexpected twists and turns.