Blue Bloods Ending: Jennifer Esposito Shares Her True Feelings

“Blue Bloods” is wrapping up its remarkable 14-season run on television, a journey marked by both triumphs and challenges for its cast members. Jennifer Esposito, known for her role as Jackie Curatola, recently shared her reflections on the show’s ending. Esposito’s role on “Blue Bloods” was cut short due to health concerns related to celiac disease, sparking a departure amidst discussions with CBS over her work schedule.

In an interview with ScreenRant this June, Esposito expressed a mix of sentiments regarding her time on the series. “Everything has to come to an end, and I think they’re smart to end it now, it’s been a long time,” she stated.

Despite facing personal challenges, Esposito fondly recalled the positive experiences and relationships on set. “I had some great times, of course, I had some not so fun times … I met some great people there, and honestly, the fans — I still get asked, ‘Are you gonna go back to Blue Bloods?!’ And it’s like, ‘That’s, like, 10 years ago!’ That really warms my heart, so I couldn’t be mad at it. It was nice to go back.”

Esposito’s return to the show in recent seasons underscored her enduring connection to the role of Jackie Curatola. Despite leaving as a regular after Season 3, she reprised her character in Season 13’s “Forgive Our Trespassers” and again in Season 14, where Jackie’s evolution to a small-town police chief showcased her character’s growth and resilience. This narrative arc resonated with fans, affirming Jackie’s enduring popularity within the series.

As “Blue Bloods” prepares for its final season, speculation lingers about potential returns, including Esposito’s Jackie. Her character’s involvement in complex storylines, such as aiding her former colleagues against recurring threats, has left a lasting impact. Whether Esposito and Jackie will make a cameo in the show’s final moments remains uncertain, but fans surely loved her on this amazing tv show.