Why did Tracy Spiridakos Bid Farewell to “Chicago P.D.”?

Tracy Spiridakos’ departure from Chicago P.D. After seven seasons left fans and colleagues reflecting on her impactful journey within the series. Her character, Hailey Upton, became an important figure within the Intelligence Unit, captivating viewers with her dynamic portrayal since joining in season 4.

Spiridakos’ entry into Chicago P.D. had its challenges, when she had to step into the role previously played by Sophia Bush’s Erin Lindsay. Yet, over time, she managed to earn admiration for her compelling performance and character evolution. Her commitment to the show persisted even after key cast changes, including the departure of her on-screen husband, Jesse Lee Soffer, in season 10.

The decision to bid farewell was not taken lightly by Spiridakos. In an interview with Variety ahead of her final episode airing in May 2024, she disclosed the thoughtful process behind her departure. “I decided at the end of my sixth season that I wanted to do one more year,” Spiridakos revealed. This desire for change and exploration of new opportunities fueled her decision.

Her departure sparked mixed emotions among fans who had grown attached to Upton’s character. The news, announced by NBC in late 2023, left many wondering about the reasons behind her exit. Spiridakos’ explanation, however, shed light on her personal and professional growth aspirations. “I was just curious what was out there for me and wanted to switch it up,” she shared, highlighting a common theme in the entertainment industry where actors seek fresh challenges after long-running roles.

The transition marks the end of a significant chapter for both Spiridakos and Chicago P.D. 

Throughout her time as Upton, Spiridakos tackled complex narratives with nuance, contributing to the show’s enduring success.

As she embarks on new ventures beyond Chicago P.D., Spiridakos remains grateful for the opportunities and experiences the show provided. Her departure serves as a reminder of the cyclical nature of television dramas, where characters and actors bid farewell, making way for new stories to unfold.

In retrospect, Tracy Spiridakos’ decision to leave Chicago P.D. reflects a life changing moment in her career path. It symbolizes not just an end, but also a new beginning—a chance to explore uncharted territories and expand her creative horizons. For fans, while bidding farewell to Hailey Upton may be bittersweet, it signifies the end of a character who left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.

As the curtain closes on this chapter, Tracy Spiridakos’ journey continues to inspire, promising an exciting future filled with possibilities both on and off the screen.