Luke Kleintank Bids Farewell to FBI: International – A Look Back at His Journey and What Lies Ahead

Luke Kleintank, known for his role as Scott Forrester in FBI: International, has announced his departure from the hit series to prioritize family life. The actor expressed his heartfelt sentiments in a recent statement, citing his decision as driven by a deep commitment to his wife, Christina Vignaud, and their daughter, Ruby Roland.

“After much thought and consideration, I’ve made the difficult decision to leave FBI: International,” Kleintank shared. “This decision is driven by my unwavering commitment to my family, whose love and well-being are paramount in my life.”

Throughout his time on the show, Kleintank has cherished the camaraderie and support of his colleagues, describing them as more than just coworkers but a family away from home. He expressed profound gratitude for the cast and crew whose dedication and talent made each moment on set unforgettable.

“Lastly, I would also like to extend my thanks to the fans who have supported us through the first three seasons,” he concluded, acknowledging the viewers who have embraced the show.

Kleintank’s journey with FBI: International has been marked by adventure both on and off-screen. Filming the series involved logistical challenges, including shooting in multiple countries like Croatia, Prague, France, and Austria. The actor marveled at the opportunity to explore new cultures and landscapes, emphasizing how these experiences enriched his life.

The decision to depart follows a period of personal milestones for Kleintank, including the birth of his daughter, who was conceived during his time in Budapest, where the series was filmed. Reflecting on these moments, he expressed immense gratitude for the blessings of experiencing parenthood and international living simultaneously.

His absence from the series was previously marked by a hiatus in 2022 for paternity leave, a decision supported by the show’s creators who valued family-friendly policies. This temporary break underscored the actor’s commitment to balancing career demands with personal responsibilities.

Fans of FBI: International have expressed mixed emotions regarding Kleintank’s departure, reminiscent of similar shifts within the FBI universe. Speculation mounts about the fate of his character, Scott Forrester, amidst ongoing plot developments in the series. The show’s unpredictability in handling character arcs has kept viewers on the edge, unsure of what lies ahead for Forrester.

In the wake of Kleintank’s departure, Colin Donnell, known for his role in NBC’s Chicago Med, has been announced as his successor. Donnell’s arrival promises a fresh dynamic for the series, injecting new energy into the narrative while honoring the legacy left by Kleintank.

As Kleintank bids farewell to FBI: International, his legacy as Scott Forrester will endure through the impact he has made on fans and colleagues alike. His dedication to his craft and his family stands as a testament to the values he holds dear. While the future of Forrester remains uncertain, Kleintank’s departure marks not an end, but a transition in a career defined by adventure and meaningful connections.

As fans await the resolution of Forrester’s storyline, the departure of Luke Kleintank from FBI: International reminds us of the complexities of balancing career and family in the fast-paced world of television. His decision reflects a personal journey shaped by love, commitment, and the pursuit of new horizons beyond the screen.