Eric Winter Teases Fans with Behind-the-Scenes Peek of “The Rookie” Season 7

Fans of The Rookie were left buzzing with anticipation after Eric Winter, who stars as Tim Bradford, gave a glimpse into the upcoming seventh season. Taking to Instagram, Winter shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos showcasing his character, Tim Bradford, back in action on the streets of LA.

In the snapshots, Bradford is seen patrolling in his cop car, embodying the gritty realism of police work. Winter captioned the post, “Out on these streets in the heat putting in that pod car work! Little BTS on what it looks like to the real world. @therookieabc #streetsofla #bradford #patrol #therookie.”

The post sparked curiosity among fans almost immediately, especially concerning Tim’s patrol partner. Following the emotional split between Tim and Lucy Chen (played by Melissa O’Neil) in season six, fans were eager to know if Lucy would reunite with Tim in the upcoming episodes.

Commenters flooded the post with questions like, “I need to know if ur riding with Lucy or someone,” and “Ok but who’s riding with you?” Others speculated excitedly, trying to discern if Tim would be on patrol solo or paired with someone new.

Winter hinted at what’s to come for Tim Bradford in season seven, emphasizing his return to training rookies. In an interview with HELLO!, Winter teased, “I do know we’re gonna see Tim back in the field training rookies, which I think is what people always loved about Tim.”

Regarding Tim’s relationship with Lucy, Winter offered insight into their dynamic moving forward, saying, “We’ll see them pick up in a place where they’ve shown that they care about each other and now they have to figure out, ‘can we give each other space to do our job and allow our feelings to stay in a safe place but not rush anything and hope one person doesn’t go astray?'”

Winter also expressed his desire to delve deeper into Tim’s backstory, particularly his relationship with his mother, suggesting potential new dimensions for his character in future episodes.

As fans eagerly await the premiere of The Rookie season seven, slated for a mid-season release in 2025, Eric Winter’s behind-the-scenes glimpse has only heightened anticipation for what promises to be another thrilling chapter in the series.

Stay tuned for more updates as The Rookie gears up to return to our screens with fresh drama, heart, and, of course, plenty of action from Tim Bradford and the rest of the LAPD team.