Chatting with Cole Hauser: Coffee, ‘Yellowstone’, and Future Plans

We all admire Rip and the Dutton ranch in “Yellowstone,” but did you know that Cole, who brings Rip to life, actually grew up on a ranch in Oregon and has deep roots in Montana? This personal connection makes his role as Rip Wheeler especially meaningful to him.

“My family is from Montana, so to be able to do both… it’s fascinating when you consider your career, especially as an actor. You might get one or two defining roles if you’re fortunate, and this role was like a divine alignment—it’s exactly what I envisioned; Taylor [Sheridan] helped bring it to life.”

Outside of acting, Cole is profoundly committed to supporting those in service. “It’s my life’s mission; I’ve been dedicated to it for almost 28 years now,” he states. His efforts include visits to Afghanistan, engagements on military bases worldwide, involvement in military-themed films, and collaborations with technical advisors.

Additionally, through his initiative with Free Rein, Cole frequently visits and holds meet-and-greets with police officers, military personnel, and paramedics. Importantly, for every Free Rein item sold online, $1 is donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, supporting children of fallen warriors and all Medal of Honor recipients.

“We can always improve—I’m striving to do better—but it starts with taking that first step,” Cole remarks, encouraging others to also contribute to service.

On a lighter note, Cole discusses his venture into the coffee business with American Dirt, noting his preference for strong, dark coffee influenced its bold flavor. “I kept telling the roasters in San Angelo to make it stronger, until they finally said, ‘Cole, it’s practically on fire,’” he laughs.

While fans are saddened by the impending conclusion of “Yellowstone,” they are keen to learn when the latter half of season five will premiere. Cole is equally eager, focusing on giving the series a fitting conclusion. “Right now, it’s all about ending on a high note. There are exciting plans with Taylor for Kelly Reilly and me, along with other cast members, but the current priority is to finish strong.”

When asked about the expected release of the next season, Cole’s response was hopeful: “God-willing—your lips to God’s ears.”

Off-screen, Cole’s life mirrors his on-screen role as a devoted husband. Married to Cynthia since 2006, he is a father to three children, including a son who recently started college at Texas Christian University. “It’s tough seeing him go, but he’s thriving, making great friends, and enjoying his new life at college, which makes me incredibly proud, though we miss him dearly,” Cole reflects.

Beyond acting, Cole indulges in writing, inspired by his family’s literary background. “I’ve penned scripts from historical dramas about the Irish mob in 1970s New York to epic tales of the Korean War at Chosin Reservoir. Writing is a significant part of who I am; it’s a family legacy,” he explains.//Source: