The NCIS Dilemma That Transformed Sean Murray’s McGee into a Regular Star

Sean Murray has really made a mark on the “NCIS” series, playing the tech-savvy Timothy McGee right from the first season. But here’s a fun fact: McGee’s role turning into such a big deal was totally unexpected!

In a chat with TV Insider, Murray shared that he first got on the show as a guest star because Donald Bellisario, the guy who helped start the series and also Murray’s stepdad, thought it would be a good fit. Things went great, but Murray sticking around wasn’t planned from the start.

Murray mentioned in the interview that the only reason his character came back was because the folks making the show needed to make an episode a bit longer. They threw in a scene with McGee and Michael Weatherly’s character, and fans loved it. After that, Murray was in for good, becoming a main part of the cast from Season 2 onwards.

Now, fast forward to 2024, and he’s still a key player on the show. Sure, McGee’s had some rough storylines, but the great moments have really stood out. Plus, a special episode in Season 21 shows that the show’s creators have some exciting stuff in store for McGee, proving he’s still a fan favorite.