Kelly Reilly Expresses Dislike for Beth Dutton’s Habit, Seeks Change from Taylor Sheridan

Kelly Reilly, known for her role as the fiery Beth Dutton on “Yellowstone,” recently opened up about the one aspect of her character she genuinely dislikes: Beth’s smoking habit. Despite embodying one of the most complex and polarizing figures on the Paramount Network drama, known for her razor-sharp wit and penchant for violence and revenge, it’s not the intense confrontations or the explosive moments that Reilly hopes to alter.

Deeply committed to her family, especially her father, John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner), Beth exhibits a fierce loyalty, contrasted by her intense animosity towards her brother Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley). Yet, amidst the myriad of dramatic scenes, Reilly has been advocating for a significant change with the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan: she wants Beth to quit smoking.

Talking about what she hopes for her character’s future, Reilly told ET: “I think it might be fun to see Beth and Rip when they’re in their 60s, on the porch.  “I hope she’s given up smoking by then. I don’t smoke so all of those cigarettes, they’re all the herbal cigarettes. 

“So I’m really hoping… And I hate them so much, and he [Taylor Sheridan] has it in the script when she’s smoking, when she takes a drag, it’s all written. 

“So I’m trying to pitch him an idea that she gets addicted to Nicorette gum, so we’ll see next year if she’s smoking or not.”

In a memorable scene from season five’s first half, Beth finds herself at odds with a bar’s non-smoking policy. When an employee alerts the manager to her defiance, Beth, in true form, fiercely threatens to stab the manager in the eye with a fork should he dare call her a “maiden,” all while sarcastically noting the irony of the numerous lit candles and fireplaces around them.

Her bold willingness to “cause a scene” quickly dissuades any further attempts to enforce the rule, leading Beth to boldly order another drink from the employee who tried to report her.