The Long-Awaited Trio: McGee, Tony, and Ziva’s Potential Reunion in the New NCIS Spin-Off

In a recent conversation with TV Insider, Sean Murray opened up about the chances of his character, Timothy McGee, reuniting with Tony and Ziva in their eagerly awaited spin-off. “It’s a real possibility,” he stated. “Given the nature of our franchise, I think it’s something you might expect. We enjoy playing around with these ideas, and since we’re all part of the same TV family, anything could happen,” he added, suggesting that a collaboration among the trio, revered figures in the “NCIS” lore, is more than likely.

For those who haven’t kept up with “NCIS,” it’s been quite some time since McGee, Tony, and Ziva shared screen time. The three became central figures in “NCIS” early on, with McGee and Tony introduced in Season 1, and Ziva joining in Season 3.

The dynamics changed in Season 11 when Cote de Pablo, who played Ziva, decided to step back from her full-time role in the episode titled “Past, Present, and Future.” Michael Weatherly, portraying Tony, exited the series two seasons later in the episode “Family First.” Sean Murray, however, has consistently portrayed McGee, evolving into a key figure and forming what many consider the most stable relationship on “NCIS” with Delilah Fielding, played by Margo Harshman.

Since the original trio went their separate ways, there have been near-misses in terms of a reunion. Ziva has made appearances in Seasons 16, 17, and 21, both in person and through flashbacks, and Tony’s return in Season 21’s “The Stories We Leave Behind” was memorable. Yet, their appearances have not coincided, leaving fans longing for a scene that reunites them with McGee.

The anticipation builds for the Ziva and Tony spin-off on Paramount+, where fans are hopeful for the long-awaited gathering of these beloved characters.