Sean Murray Highlights an Unforgettable Classic as His Top ‘NCIS’ Episode

Special Agent Timothy McGee, portrayed by Sean Murray, has been a pivotal figure on “NCIS” since its inaugural season, evolving from a one-time guest to a cornerstone of the team. His journey from a temporary addition to a vital character is nothing short of remarkable, demonstrating his undeniable importance in solving the team’s most complex cases.

Sean Murray’s dedication to the role of McGee remains unwavering after numerous seasons, indicating that fans can expect his continued presence alongside Parker and the team. Murray’s extensive tenure on “NCIS” has allowed him to participate in episodes that have resonated deeply with the audience, especially memorable interactions with characters like Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly.

While actors often favor episodes spotlighting their characters, Sean Murray’s preference highlights his discerning taste. He holds the Season 2 episode “Call of Silence” in high regard, as reported by TV Insider. In his conversation with TV Insider, Murray praised Charles Durning’s exceptional performance, both on and off screen, in the episode that centers on Ernie Yost, a World War II Marine veteran and Medal of Honor recipient. Yost approaches the NCIS team, haunted by the belief that he killed his best friend during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

“Call of Silence” has earned acclaim as one of the series’ standout episodes, particularly noted for its emotional depth. It stands as the highest-rated episode of Season 2 on IMDb, celebrated for its poignant narrative and the emotional journey it takes viewers on, including a touching scene where Caitlin Todd shares a dance with Ernie. The episode adeptly handles themes of guilt and redemption, making it a memorable and deeply affecting part of the “NCIS” saga.

The episode “Call of Silence” is celebrated as one of the most exceptional entries in the “NCIS” series, thanks to its compelling narrative and emotional depth. This episode uniquely stands out, not just for its storyline that masterfully navigates the suspense surrounding Ernie’s confession, but also for its impeccable casting choice. Charles Durning, the guest star of the episode, brought an unparalleled authenticity and depth to the role of Ernie.


Durning, whose illustrious acting career includes two Academy Award nominations and an Emmy nomination for his appearance on “NCIS,” was perfectly suited for the part. Beyond his acting credentials, Durning’s own military background added a layer of genuine portrayal to his character, enriching the episode’s resonance with audiences and contributing significantly to its acclaim.