Pure Power: ’69 Plymouth Road Runner A12 drag racing ’68 Chevy Camaro Super Sport 396

When it comes to classic American muscle cars, few rival the legendary Plymouth Road Runner and Chevrolet Camaro SS396. These cars were both designed with one thing in mind: raw, unbridled speed. So, which one would come out on top in a pure stock drag race?

Let’s start with the Plymouth Road Runner A12. This car was a special edition model that was only produced for six months in 1969, with just 1,432 units built. It came equipped with a 440 V8 engine with 6-barrel carburetion, which was rated at 390 horsepower. The A12 package also included a fiberglass lift-off hood, 15-inch steel wheels, an HD radiator, HD drum brakes, and a 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission.

On the other side of the track is the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS396, which was equipped with a L89 396 engine that produced 375 horsepower. The L89 engine was essentially the same as the L78 engine, but it featured factory aluminum heads that saved around 70-80 pounds from the front of the car. Only 272 L89 Camaros were produced, making this a rare and highly sought-after car.

Both cars were also equipped with 4.10 rear gearing, which should provide plenty of low-end power for a drag race. The Camaro SS396 had a 4-speed manual transmission, while the Road Runner A12 had a 3-speed automatic transmission. In terms of weight, the Camaro was slightly lighter at 3,450 pounds with a driver, while the Road Runner was a bit heavier at 3,784 pounds.

So, which car would come out on top? It’s a tough call, but if we’re looking at pure horsepower, the Road Runner A12 has a slight edge with its 390 horsepower engine. However, the Camaro SS396 has a lighter weight and a more rare and powerful engine, which could give it an advantage on the track.

Ultimately, the outcome of a drag race between these two classic muscle cars would likely come down to the skill of the drivers and how well each car was maintained over the years. But one thing is for sure – both the Plymouth Road Runner A12 and Chevrolet Camaro SS396 are true American icons that will forever be remembered as some of the fastest, most powerful cars of their time.