From Carport to Showroom: Champagne Gold Upper and Lower 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS454 Restoration

One of the most recognizable muscle cars from the age of American muscle is the 1970 Chevelle SS454 LS6. These cars are highly prized by both collectors and enthusiasts, and it is unusual to find one in such pristine condition. I ( Patrick Glenn Nichols ) recommend this specific Chevelle SS454 LS6 as a wonderful jewel after carefully inspecting it. It was found in 2005 on a carport.

This Chevelle SS454 LS6 has all the necessary characteristics and markings of a genuine LS6, and it is painted in a stunning champagne gold upper and lower hue. It was created in the third week of March 1970 at the assembly factory in Atlanta, Georgia, and was first offered for sale at White Allen Chevrolet in Dayton, Ohio.

The car still has its original 454ci LS6 V8 engine, which produces 450 horsepower and is quite popular. Although not the original gearbox, the engine is mated to a period-appropriate 661 case transmission, which is nonetheless a wonderful complement to the vehicle. This Chevelle will have superb traction and handling on the road thanks to the 3.31 posi unit and original rear axle.

This car’s original construction sheet has been kept, offering priceless documentation and serving as proof of the vehicle’s authenticity. For any enthusiast or collector, this construction sheet is a valuable and uncommon piece of paperwork that raises the car’s worth.

A real jewel, this Chevelle SS454 LS6 is just waiting for someone to restore it to its full splendor. You may buy it as-is or after it has been entirely put together and is ready to go. Whatever the case, each muscle car fan or collector needs a Chevelle SS454 LS6.

Patrick Glenn Nichols note: ”Champagne gold upper and lower 1970 Chevelle SS454 LS6 M22 3.31 posi rear axle built at the Atlanta, Georgia assembly plant the 3rd week of March 1970 and sold new at White Allen Chevrolet in Dayton, OH. The car retains its original engine, rear axle, and original buildsheet. The current transmission is a period correct 661 case but not the original unit. The car can be purchased as it sits now or when the car has been totally assembled and ready for the road.”

This 1970 Chevelle SS454 LS6’s finding is a unique and amazing occurrence. This automobile is a rare jewel that is guaranteed to draw attention everywhere it travels because it has its original engine, back axle, and construction sheet. I completely support this vehicle as a genuine example of American muscle car heritage.