Maybe The Rarest Ultimate ’69 SS396 L78/L89 Chevelle Ever Found, Hiding For 40 Years!

The 1969 Chevelle SS396 with the L78/L89 engine and M21 transmission option was a high-performance vehicle that was offered by Chevrolet in the 1969 model year. The L78 engine was a 396 cubic inch (6.5 liter) V8 that produced 375 horsepower, while the L89 engine was a 396 cubic inch (6.5 liter) V8 that produced 375 horsepower and was equipped with aluminum heads for improved performance.

The M21 transmission was a close-ratio manual transmission with a four-speed gearbox. The 4.10 gear ratio indicated that the rear differential had gears with 4.10 teeth, which resulted in a higher torque output and improved acceleration, but a lower top speed compared to a lower gear ratio.

We invite you to take a look at this amazing find, possibly The Rarest Ultimate 1969 SS396 L78/L89 M21 4.10 Chevelle Ever Found, it was Hiding for 40 Years!

I am sure that you have heard multiple times from different sources how they found the rarest find in years, but I’m sure the folks who told that weren’t Patrick Nichols, and when Patrick says something like that, we should listen very carefully.

Once more he managed to get a real unicorn in front of his camera lens, meaning he somehow made it to find a car that has been off the road since 1977 hidden from everyone.

This amazing machine  is still covered in the factory paint which might seep kinda psychedelic for today, but remember those were the sixties so designers had more leeway when doing their work and choosing the colors they would use. 

Super Rare Daytona Yellow Chevelle SS 396 L78/L89 | Hot Cars

A lot of people might not like the color but honestly we love it, because it suits great sixties philosophy and portraits it properly, so if it’s up to us we say to keep it how it is and never repaint it.

As usual we will leave Patrick to explain the details, because let’s be real compared to him we know almost nothing about this car so much is at the expert of the field.

Super Rare Daytona Yellow Chevelle SS 396 L78/L89 | Hot Cars

Near the end of the video there is a special treat, means that you will get to hear the car start and running, Patrick Glenn Nichols Musclecar Barn Finds has the keys on his pocket this time and gladly treat our ears to the amazing sound of the Chambered Exhaust, which got discontinued quickly but not before the vehicle left the factory floor.

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