Dodge Cummins Pulls Hard On Foxbody Mustang! 9.18 Seconds At 147.46 Miles Per Hour!

9second Dodge Cummins Pulls Hard on Foxbody Mustang!

To run the quarter mile in 9 seconds is something that any street car would be proud of, but to do it in a truck, and a diesel one at that, well that ladies and gentleman is something special.

As the cars line up there is a certain vibe in the crowd and everybody is talking about that truck, it seems to be the crowd’s favorite vehicle. Once that beast starts spooling up those turbos and starts spewing smoke from that stack, the crowd gets noisier and noisier as the boost climbs and as the smoke gets thicker and thicker.

Then the light turns green and that Dodge shoots out of the hole at an alarming rate, stomping that fox body Mustang, and the crowd goes wild, as they all start screaming and cheering for that coal rolling truck to take the win.

The result, an incredible time of 9.18 seconds at 147.46 miles per hour, and that folks is one badass diesel dragster, so check it out.

Source: Youtube/Scott Jordan

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