Trucks Found In a Field Brand New With Under 5 Miles On Them!

The act of uncovering hidden treasures from decades past—be it a classic car, a rare piece of art, or an antique of unimaginable value—reminds us that the past is never truly behind us. Instead, it lingers in forgotten corners, waiting to be rediscovered and appreciated anew. This story, while old, continues to inspire awe and wonder, proving that the passage of time only enriches the value of what was once lost but is now found.

After forty years of sitting idle, this Chevrolet dealership in Pierce, Nebraska would come to see the light of day yet again thanks to VanDerBrink Auctions.

This once in a lifetime opportunity takes us inside of the dealership and shows us how it has been sitting for years, left just as it was back in the day. We see even more surprises as we’re greeted with a selection of pickup trucks, all with under five miles! That means these trucks never got to experience a full life of hauling equipment, date nights and trips with family memebers.

The collection belonged to Ray Lambrecht and his wife, Mildred, who ran a Chevrolet dealership in downtown Pierce for five decades before retiring in 1996. Unlike most dealers, Ray Lambrecht stashed many of his unsold cars in a warehouse, at his farm and other spots around town if they didn’t sell in the first year.

The first vehicle sold — a sky-blue, 1958 Chevy Cameo pickup driven 1.3 miles — secured the largest bid at $140,000. Another bidder spent $97,500 on a red and white 1963 Impala with 11.4 miles (18.4 kilometers) on its odometer, the manufacturer’s plastic on the seat and a yellow typewritten window sticker displaying its original price: $3,254.70. Brand new trucks nowadays cost a little bit more, it is quite amazing to see what inflation does and how prices change for vehicles.

Check out the video below that shows off all of these old, but brand new Trucks, some of which even come with the original packaging. This is an amazing sight to see. What would you do if you found these trucks sitting in a field? Would you restore them or keep them as is to continue the story?

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