The Sound of 19,000 RPM’s on the Engine Dyno is Beautiful!

We didn’t get a lot of information regarding  what type of powerplant this is, but honestly, all you need to know is that it sounds pretty amazing.

Put your volume high, hit that play button and simply listen to the music this thing makes as it takes a simulated lap around the track on this state-of-the-art dyno.

At one point you get to see the RPM’s hit an astronomical 19,000 revs, but the engine takes it like a champ and doesn’t even look like it’s struggling!

The video offers you a visual treat, as close up views of the throttle body in action and the glowing exhaust add to the visceral auditory treat pumping from the speakers! The diminutive V8 is likely an F1 engine that’s being run through a simulated race lap to see that it’s tuned ideally for an upcoming race.

We are sure you will watch this video again and again.

Source: Youtube/Haley Rogers

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