This 1959 Chevrolet Impala Has Been Sitting for 40 Years – Time to Shine Again

It’s the ultimate ’59 Impala hue and the color you’ll see the most in those cool vintage Chevrolet ads. Yes, I know Roman Red is also a popular color on these rigs, but Gothic Gold is unique thanks to its brownish tint.

This Impala is also very complete, which makes the deal even sweeter, and it also rocks a two-tone upholstery that matches the gold/brown shade of the exterior. You won’t be able to see much of that since the seats are dirty and worn out, but this Chevy was a gorgeous rig when it rolled off the assembly line. And with a bit of luck, it might get restored to its original specifications.

For the time being, our host took the four-door to his shop to get it cleaned up and assess the rust issues. The Impala will need new floors and a trunk pan to become road-worthy, but it appears to be in one piece otherwise.

As for the 348 W-series Turbo Thurst V8, which was the range-topping mill in 1959, it’s likely stuck after 40 years without a sip of gasoline.

‘A few weeks ago, we picked up this original paint 1959 Impala sedan at an estate auction. The car went for reasonable money, I think mainly because it was missing the bumpers so it didn’t look as complete as the others. That’s an easy fix! Today, we will see how the car cleans up and how solid it really is or isn’t, as well as a quick DIY front bumper install!”

Enjoy the video below:

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