1300HP Turbo 1972 Chevy Nova Yenko “Supernova” – Give No Chance to Anybody at The Strip

This Chevy is one of those bad to the bone muscle cars, which give no chance to anybody at the strip. This LSX Swapped 1972 Nova a.k.a “SUPERNOVA” is equipped with a 94mm Turbo and totally rocks the street style heads up races on “Thursday Night Street Fights” sponsored by the NHDRO.

I know 1300 horsepower sounds a bit too much for such little Chevy muscle car, but the “SUPERNOVA” is dialed the hell in and smoking a Turbocharged LSX Camaro (twice) seems like a peace of cake for it.

Youtube chnnel RPM Army: ”This is one SICK ride. Check out this 1300hp Turbo LSX Swapped 1972 Chevy Nova. Sporting massive power delivered by a Dart block LSX swap and 94mm turbo this car is epic. I recorded this video during the Thursday Night Street Fights at National Trail Raceway sponsored by the NHDRO. The races were heads up street style with no times taken, and the drop of the arm. Winner take all.”

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