1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Go Head-To-Head With A 1969 Chevrolet Nova – Both big-block V8 engine 375HP

We’ve seen quite a few drag races between factory stock classic muscle cars recently, but this one’s a bit different. While these races usually bring together cars with notably different engines, this Chevelle vs. Nova battle is between classic muscle powered by almost identical L78 drivetrains.

If you’re not familiar with the L78, it’s the 6.5-liter (396-cubic-inch) V8 that powered quite a few Chevys from 1965 to 1970. First introduced in full-size vehicles like the Impala and Bel Air, but also on the Corvette, in 1965, it was rated at an impressive 425 horsepower. From 1966, power dropped to 375 horses, and the L78 was restricted to the Chevelle, El Camino, Nova, and Camaro.

The most powerful Regular Production Option (RPO) available in Chevy’s intermediate line from 1966 to 1969, the L78 is now a highly collectible muscle car engine. This exact mill motivates both the 1966 Chevelle and 1969 Nova you’re about to see charging the quarter-mile.

Although these cars were built three years apart, they hit the drag strip with identical power units, as the big-block V8 generates 375 horsepower and 415 pound-feet (562 Nm) of torque in both configurations. However, there are at least a couple of things setting them apart.

While the 1966 Chevelle features a four-speed manual gearbox, the 1969 Nova sports a three-speed automatic. What’s more, being a midsize coupe, the Chevelle is a bit heavier than the compact Nova. Specifically, the Chevelle tips the scales at 3,516 pounds (1,595 kg), while the Nova weighs in at 3,410 pounds (1,547 kg). The compact is 106 pounds (48 kg) lighter.

On a different note, the Nova could have dominated this duel. Which L78 Chevy is your favorite? Would you take the manual Chevelle or the automatic Nova?

Source: Youtube/Cars And Zebras

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