Car Modifications People Think Are Cool… But Really Aren’t ?!

You Really Need This Gold-Chromed Camaro!!! INSANE CAMARO EDITION for Bragging!

f you want to get so much attention, maybe we have the ride which owns almost all of the aforementioned attributes, plus it sits on massive gold plated wheels which are amazing

Also this high standing beast, yeah, because of the tires, has gold-chromed color which as cool as it looks like on the picture.

But here we more want to hear from you, what do you think about this car, it is  so much attractive or damn no?

50 Inch Rims On An Olds Cutlass… Why Is This a Trend?

First of all – don’t you just love how that’s a “thing” now – the tires are glued together. Apparently nobody out there makes a 50” tire, at least not that fell within the budget of whoever found these wheels, so instead, somebody has cut up a couple of smaller tires and, from what I can tell in the video, glued them onto the rims.

Yeah, you have fun with that.

Green Camaro Sits On Massive 32-inch Rims! Eye Catching Transformation You Do Not Want To Miss

Have you ever seen a Camaro with gigantic 32 inch rims? Corey Jones has this bizarre idea to make his car extremely unique in so many ways.

First of all, he picked a slick green color and of course the huge rims for his Camaro.

It is an eye catching transformation, making his rims twice the size of the standard set.

Tell us what’s your thoughts on these car’s modifications ?!

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