Muscle Meets Class: Harley-Davidson ‘Venom’ V-Rod Is The Muscular Businessman

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod, also known as the VRSC (V-Twin Racing Street Custom), was a muscle bike produced by Harley-Davidson from 2001 to 2017. The V-Rod was powered by a liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-twin engine, which was a departure from the traditional air-cooled, 45-degree V-twin engines used in most Harley-Davidson models. The V-Rod was designed to appeal to a younger, sport-oriented market, and featured a more aggressive, modern styling than other Harley-Davidson models.

The “Venom” was a limited-edition model of the V-Rod. It was produced in 2006 and 2007, and featured a blacked-out, custom-styled treatment, including a black paint scheme, blacked-out engine and wheels, and a low-slung, drag-style handlebar. The Venom V-Rod came with a 1200cc engine and had a power of 115 horsepower and 85 lb-ft of torque. It was considered to be a faster and more powerful V-Rod than the standard model.

Despite having been removed from the main motorcycle scene five years ago, the Harley-Davidson family of muscle bikes, the V-Rods, continue to steal the spotlight thanks to the seemingly unending flood of custom interpretations.

In Estonia, custom motorcycle builder Fredy Jaates has built an impressive portfolio of over 50 custom motorcycle builds, many of which are based on the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. Along with few cars, he has a reputation for creating unique and distinctive custom builds. The bike is propped on a 19-inch wheel up front and an 18-inch one at the rear, both from a collection called Venom, hence the name we gave the entire contraption.

Custom builder Fredy Jaates has given this Harley-Davidson V-Rod a distinct look with chrome accents on the exhaust and other hardware. The sleek, shiny chrome is complemented by a deep blue paint job on the fenders, frame, fuel tank, and seat.

Underneath the sleek exterior, the V-Rod has been upgraded with an Ohlins rear suspension system, a front fork lowering kit, and a CFR exhaust system. The stock engine is said to be untouched, maintaining the powerful muscle of the original V-Rod.

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