526ci Ride, 3000hp of HEMI POWER – Made to Win Any Competition That Gets in it’s Way

This guy has a car that can do everything you can think of. And that is because of the powerful engine that it is equipped with.

The engine is a V8 style with modified cylinders spark plugs cables and everything you can of, it has been already modified. The engine can produce maximum of 3000 horsepower and as the owner of this car said it is pretty standard.

What is not standard for this guy? Maybe 6000 horsepower for him is good this is only a joke for him. But when you see the combination that they have made you would think that these guys worked for NASA before.

Everything is shiny and everything looks so good even when the car is not running. When the journalist asked the owner of the car if he sees any competition here, he only shook his head like he is the only one that is going to race and he will win it for sure.

And the odds are on his side because there is no other car that is being powered by a 3000 hp engine. Not near enough are the other competitors. Check the video here:

Source: Youtube/1320video

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