2500HP 528ci HEMI Powered ’63 Plymouth Valiant – Stunning Dyno Sound

The 1963 Plymouth Valiant was a compact car produced by Plymouth, a division of the Chrysler Corporation. It was available in a variety of body styles, including a two-door sedan, a four-door sedan, and a two-door station wagon. The Valiant was powered by a 170 cubic inch inline six-cylinder engine, which was paired with a three-speed manual transmission or an optional automatic transmission.

The Valiant was known for its fuel efficiency and reliability, and it was popular with consumers who were looking for a practical and affordable car. In addition to its standard features, the Valiant was available with a number of optional equipment, such as power brakes, a radio, and a heater.

We invite you to take a look at this breathing beast, blown HEMI alcohol 2500hp 1963 Plymouth Valiant street car.

Yes we have it clear that technically this is a street car, but on the other hand, a beast that drinks alcohol (the fuel kind that is, not to be confused with our favorite drink) and puts down 2500 horsepower on the road, honestly is as far from a streetcar as they can be.

This is a specialized precision crafted vehicle  with only one thing as a target, to get to the quarter mile marker faster than any other vehicle out there.

The heart of this incredible machine is a 528 HEMI with a supercharger big enough to create a tornado forcing air mixed with Alcohol making sure that this ProMod gets to the finish line at 6.3 seconds, an achievement that is truly incredible for this 1963 Plymouth Valiant.

Check out the shared video of Tinman 2 Kustoms to see more of this incredible ride:

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