772HP Custom 1970 Dodge Challenger V8 Sound – Mopar Muscle Car

772hp Custom 1970 Dodge Challenger w/ widest rear tires ever!! V8 SOUND!

Here’s a 1970 Dodge Challenger, one of the true American muscle car legends! This beast custom Mopar beast packs a huge V8, a supercharger and on top of that the widest rear tires we have ever seen fitted to a production automobile.

The engine is a 528 stoker motor (originally a 440 Big Block) and has a 8-71 supercharger, which now delivers a total of 772 horsepower and 767 lb-ft (1040 nm) of torque!

There’s also a roll cage and racing seats fitted inside the car. This Challenger makes a pretty sweet V8 sound too. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

Source: Youtube/Jamboolio

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