This Twin-Turbo Powered Mustang Is The Ultimate 3,000HP Morning Alarm: Neighbors, It’s Time For Waking UP!

Yeah, you are right, this is the most powerful morning alarm ever made which will never disappoint you.

Only with one roar it can awake your whole neighborhood! Also you can consider this alarm as the ultimate waking machine and start earn money with him. Yeah, group awakening and you can give your neighbors an extra price.

But let’s put the jokes aside, this twin-turbo powered 3,000 hp Mustang for sure can awake a whole city, but we are more into the drifts and the burnouts he can perform, to feel the adrenaline when the angry beast is roaring under the hood.

Bellow on the video you will be able to see the morning routine of the Mustang, while he is getting prepared he uses the time to earn some extra doughs from his “alarm” service. However the yard is too small to see everything he got but it is more than obvious that he owns some serious skills.

Play the video bellow and enjoy the short burnouts! By the way tell us what you think about the waking up idea, can he earn enough only for his spent fuel while he is awakening the neighbors?

Source: Youtube/Ryan Stang

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