Turbo Diesel Dodge Cummins 8.3Lt V19 vs. 6.6Lt V8 Chevelle – Two Breathtakingly Cool Vehicles Race

Dodge Ram Cummins Dually vs Chevelle

Here we present a super cool drag race that all enthusiasts would like to see!

In this video below, you’re going to see two bada** vehicles: one is an extremely impressive Dodge Ram Cummins and other is an awesome Built Chevelle Chevrolet.

The Dodge Ram is powered by a 8.3lt V10 engine while the charismatic Chevy takes its power from a compelling 6.6lt V8.

These two breathtakingly cool vehicles race against each other and guess who the winner is?

Scroll down, watch the video below filmed in Morrison Colorado and enjoy this ultra-exciting drag race.



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