Duramax 2500 vs. Cummins 2500 – How to Make a Cummins Fan Sad In Fifteen Seconds

Ready to laugh at Cummins Fanboys? 

Watch this video of a pull off between a Chevy Duramax 2500 and a much older and more beatup Cummins 2500. 

It ain’t even a question, there’s no back and forth between the trucks in the beginning or anything! The cummins just loses traction immediately and its pretty much about to get dragged around the block. 

This could be the fault of a bad driver, It looks like the driver might not have any clue how to win a truck pull. Or it could be the fault of a weak engine not having the torque to put down to pull the mighty Duramax!

What were you expecting?


Youtube/M Greenlee

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