Unrestored 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire 425 (6.9-liter) V8 – Is a 57 Year Old Big-Block Classic

The 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire was therefore available with a new 425 (6.9-liter) V8, which with the help of a Rochester 800-CFM Quadrajet four-barrel carburetor and a dual exhaust system, was able of producing no less than 370 horsepower.

But as said, this engine’s adventure on the market didn’t last long, as Oldsmobile dropped it in 1968 to make room for the new 455 (7.4-liter).

The Starfire that we have here still has the original big-block under the hood, and the good news is the engine starts and runs properly.

Everything on this Starfire is entirely original, with just one exception: the paint.

The overall condition is quite good, and the photos pretty much speak for themselves this time. The car requires only minor TLC here and there, with the upholstery, in particular, needing some fixes.

If you’re looking for any signs of rust, there are some small spots in the corners of the trunk link, but otherwise, this Oldsmobile doesn’t look like it requires an insane amount of metalwork.

It’s pretty clear already that a 57-year-old Oldsmobile survivor isn’t something you see too often.


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