Think You Are Tough, Huh? Chevy Camaro Z28 Teasing a 455 Swapped Pontiac GTO On The Street!

Camaro Z28 messing with 455 GTO on the street!

There is nothing like a friendly practical joke on the road featuring fast cars and crazy dudes that drive them. On this video, we see a purple this late-model fourth generation Chevy Camaro Z28 with LT1 engine and bolt-ons messing around with a classic Pontiac GTO with swapped 455 engine.

At one point the driver of the GTO was in a mood for a little show-off and jammed it. However one of his friends in the car thought they are being tailed by an unmarked Camaro B4C (special service police package) holding a radar gun. The radar gun was actually a video camera.

So just notice the nervous and uncertain look on the face of the driver as the Camaro rolled beside, and then his complete and total relief when he recognized two of his old friends in just a regular Camaro.

This particular Camaro made 280 hp at the wheels and ran 13.1 seconds at the Mason Dixon Dragstrip.

Enjoy the show!

Source: Youtube/MustangTown’s Muscle Car Time Machine

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